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Tutu Helper is one of the latest app installers to be released, full of useful content, including as much paid and premium content as you want to download onto your device. And it works on Android devices as well as iOS, and on the Mac and Windows PC as well. Even better, nobody has to install a jailbreak or root their devices before using Tutu Helper, something we would have had to do in the past if we wanted to install this kind of content.

Image : Tutu Helper Windows PC Download Tutorial

You can find more about Tutu Helper by clicking on the link and keep reading to find out how you can download Tutu Helper on your Windows PC – we have a separate tutorial for the Mac, for Android and for iOS devices:

How to Download Tutu Helper on PC :

There are a couple of reasons why you might want Tutu Helper on your Windows PC, firstly that you get much larger storage capabilities, so you can download many more apps and tweaks and, second, you get the bigger screen which provides a better user experience for some apps and games. Officially, Tutu Helper is not designed for the PC, but we are going to show you how to get around that. You must follow these steps as they are written otherwise Tutu Helper may not be installed on your PC:

  1. Fire up your PC and launch your internet browser
  2. Download the Tutu Helper Windows Installer [ext link]
  3. When it has downloaded, find the .exe file and double-click it so Tutu Helper can be installed 
  4. Wait for the installation to be completed and then find the Tutu Helper icon on your desktop
  5. Click on it to launch Tutu Helper 
  6. Some instructions will appear on your screen – follow them to connect your device and Tutu Helper will be installed
  7. Click the icon for Tutu Helper, open it and start downloading all your favorite apps and tweaks

That is all it takes to install Tutu Helper on your Windows PC, if the icon is not there then you haven’t installed it correctly and you will need to repeat these steps.

Are you going to install Tutu Helper on your Windows PC ? Let us know if you do and whether you run into any issues along the way. Most users have had no trouble using Tutu Helper on their computers and the fact that you get high-speed downloads, a cache cleaner and a memory optimizer built in certainly help things along.

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