When jailbreaks were in abundance and everyone could use them, some of the most popular downloads from Cydia were apps that allowed us to stream TV shows and  HD Movies to our devices without charge and without restriction, including all the most up to date content. Now that jailbreaks are in short supply and not everyone can use those we do have, there are millions of users missing out on their favorite movies.

Image : MovieBox Download Tutorial

That’s where MovieBox comes in. This is a new app that lets you stream all the latest movies and TV shows straight to your device or to use Airplay and stream them to a much larger screen for more comfortable viewing. It requires no jailbreak and it supports all iOS devices on all iOS versions, making it one of the most versatile apps of its kind. You can find out more information about MovieBox [ext link] including some of the top features of the app, by clicking on the linked post .

How to Download MovieBox :

Downloading MovieBox is very easy, almost as easy as getting an app from the iOS app store. All you need are your iPad or iPhone, the internet [ Wi-Fi is better than data ] and Safari browser.

  1. First download Tutu Helper 
  2. Type MovieBox ++ into the box to provide a name for the icon 
  3. Tap on Add and close Safari
  4. Your new MovieBox icon will be on your home screen 

We honestly can’t give you any information about a new jailbreak right now but, with the speed that Apple is updating its latest firmware, it’s pretty safe to say that we could be waiting for some time. In the meantime, apps like MovieBox are a godsend, giving us back some small amount of what Cydia used to be there for.

As you can see, downloading it is simple, just a few steps before you can enjoy unfettered access to the latest and best movies and TV shows directly on your iOS device. Download it today and let us know what you think. For more jailbreak updates you can follow us on Facebook.

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