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In years gone by, we have had more jailbreaks than we know what to do with but now its all slowed to less than a trickle. Since iOS 10, there has been just one useable jailbreak, Yalu, but that was limited to working on certain devices, leaving most users without a jailbreak. With iOS 11 firmly underway, the jailbreak community had hoped that things would look up, but it isn’t looking likely; things are looking up in another way though, with the release of a few third-party app installers, and the latest is called Tutu Helper and Emus4U app, an app installer updated to support iOS 11. You can find out more about Tutu Helper here in this post while we tell you how to download it on iOS 11.

Image : Tutu Helper iOS 11 Download Tutorial

How to Download Tutu Helper iOS 11 :

There are a few ways to do this, depending on whether you use iOS or Android:

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device 
  2. Go to http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link
  3. When the page has loaded up, find the UP arrow and tap it, bottom center or top right of your screen 
  4. Now a new page will open with more options , tap on Add to Home Screen and another screen will open 
  5. Type Tutu Helper into the box and then tap the Add button 
  6. When you close Safari the Tutu Helper icon will be on your home page. Now proceed to next steps.

Video: Watch to see these steps

After TutuApp Is Installed on your Device . 

  1. Open TutuApp and go to your iOS version page. Tap the download link there .
  2. On the information page that loads, tap on the Direct Install link so that the profile may be installed on your device
  3. Your settings app is going to open on the Profile page, tap on the link to Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in if needed and Safari browser will open
  5. Tap the Install Tutu Helper link and then tap on Install on the confirmation box
  6. Settings opens once more, tap on Install > Next > Done  
  7. When Tutu Helper has installed, you can use it to download your favorite apps and games

If there is no Tutu Helper icon on the home screen, the installation has not been successful, and you will need to redo these steps

Method 2: Android Only

Android users may get more freedom than those on the stock iOS, but they can’t jailbreak and that means they can’t have any of the many tweaks, modified apps and paid apps and games for free. Tutu Helper has support for Android devices, so they can get some idea of what its like to jailbreak. The steps aren’t quite so straightforward, but they are easy enough if you follow them carefully; the full tutorial can be found at the following link:

  • Download Tutu Helper Android

Other Ways to Download :

Tutu Helper is pretty versatile in that it works in multiple platforms so find out how you can download it on your Windows PC or Mac using the links below:

Fix Tutu Helper Errors :

Tutu Helper works well but there are a few issues that you may need to deal with. All of them are very easy to fix:

  1. Profile Installation Failed Error , click the linked post for more details on how to fix this issue
  2. Tutu Helper or an Installed App Won’t Run – You need to fix a certificate error for this, open Settings>General>Profile on your iOS device and look for the relevant app certificate. Tap on it and then tap on Trust; exit settings, try again and it will now work

The third issue is one that everyone is going to experience:

  1. Tutu Helper Keeps Crashing. This is another certificate error, in that the app certificate is not seen as official by Apple and that means they don’t sign it or let Tutu Helper into the iOS app store. Because of this, they will revoke the app certificate, causing Tutu Helper to stop working. Reinstalling it will bring it back but only temporarily. To stop it altogether, you need to install NessTool , this is a VPN tool that protects your app certificates, so Apple can’t revoke them. Tap the link to find out how it works and how to download NessTool [ext link].

Popular Tutu Helper Apps :

Tutu Helper is full of useful apps and games and some are more popular than others, including these two:

  • Pokémon Go++


Pokémon Go is an incredibly popular game but, while it is great game, it is missing a few vital features that make the game even more immersive. Pokémon Go++ brings all those extra features, including the ability to hunt down Pokémon from the comfort of your own home, set a destination and have your trainer take you there, have all the Pokémon on the way pinpointed so you can catch them, and you get several extra options for customizing the app. Find out more about Pokémon Go+ by clicking the link

  • AirShou

AirShou screen recorder always used to be a very popular Cydia app until the developers removed it. Now they have released it again, this time without needing a jailbreak to work and it fully supports iOS 11. AirShou has more features than ever before, including the ability to record 1080p Full HD movies and add stereo sound recording of the highest quality. Find out how to make professional screen recordings with AirShou [ext link] by clicking the link.

Tutu Helper Alternatives :

Tutu Helper is not the only app installer available for use. Quite a few have been released in recent months and you should give them a go because they don’t all contain the same. None of them are ever going to be a replacement for Cydia but they can offer some decent alternatives and will give us back some of those modified apps and games, paid content for free and other tweaks like games emulators. Try one of these if Tutu Helper doesn’t have what you are looking for :

One thing to note; if you use any app installer other than Tutu Helper, you will need to download Anti Revoke. It is the same as NessTool in that it will protect your app certificates and is a must-have for any third-party app installer.

Let us know how you get on with Tutu Helper and follow us on Facebook for more up to date news.

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