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It’s pretty certain that the jailbreak scene is not going to pick up much, with only a couple of utilities seeing the light of day since iOS 10 was released. Instead, the number of third-party app installers released has increased and these all give us something from Cydia to try to fill the gap. The newest one is called Tutu Helper and Emus4U app and it is one of the most comprehensive and versatile of all the installers. Unlike many others, you don’t need to use your Apple ID to download it and it doesn’t need a jailbreak, although it will work perfectly well on any device that is sporting a rare jailbreak. If you want to find out more about Tutu Helper, check out the linked post and carry on reading to find out how to download it.

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How to Download Tutu Helper :

There are a few ways to do this because Tutu Helper works on so many devices. Just pick the one that is best for you:

Quick Links :

Method 1 : iOS

Don’t try this with any other browser; it only works on Safari, so you would be wasting your time:

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device and go to the address bar 
  2. Type in or use this ( alternate link 
  3. When our mobile webpage has loaded, find the UP arrow , top right or bottom center of the screen , and tap on it.  
  4. This will open a new screen that has some options across the bottom, tap on Add to Home Screen
  5. Another page opens with a box , type in Tutu Helper so that your app icon has an easily recognisable name. Tap the Add button and close Safari 
  6. The new Tutu Helper icon is on your home page 
  7. Now you have to tap to launch Tutu Helper app and follow the next steps.

Video: Shows you how to download Tutu Helper

After Tutu Helper is Installed on your iPhone 

Do follow these instructions carefully because otherwise Tutu Helper may not be installed on your device:

  1. Launch the TutuHelper app on your iphone and go to your iOS version. Click on the download link.
  2. A Tutu Helper information page opens, tap the Install link so that the profile can be downloaded on your device
  3. This will open your Settings app to the Profile page; tap the Install Profile link and then type your passcode in
  4. This launches Safari browser, tap the Install Tutu Helper link and then tap on Install when the confirmation box loads . Note that it can take anything upto 5 to 15 minutes for the installation to complete depending on your internet connection speed.
  5. Settings opens again, tap on Install  
  6. Tap Next > Done as each new page opens and then wait for Tutu Helper to be installed

If there is no Tutu Helper icon, the installation has failed, and you must repeat these steps once more.

Method 2: Android Only

Android may be a more open platform, but users still can’t do half of what iOS users who jailbreak can. They can’t download modified ++ apps or any paid content for free and they certainly can’t download any of the useful modification tweaks. Tutu Helper provides support to Android devices so that hey can have some of what the iOS users have been enjoying for so long. It isn’t quite so easy to download because it involves the APK file, but it only takes a couple of minutes and the steps can be found at the link below:

Tutu Helper is also compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs, one of the features that makes it the top pick of all the installers and the instructions for using it on both platforms can be found at the links below:

How to Fix Tutu Helper Not Working :

Tutu Helper is a stable app but there are a couple of issues that will need dealing with. The first affects all users but can be fixed very easily. Because Tutu Helper is not an official app, Apple revokes the certificate, resulting in the app crashing soon after installation. The only way to fix this is to install NessTool, a VPN tool that protects the app certificates, so it can’t be revoked. Get all the details on how it works and how to download NessTool [ext link] by clicking the link.


The other issues are ones that mainly affects new users and are simple to fix :

  1. Profile Installation Failed Error , click the link to find full details on how to fix this
  2. Tutu Helper Won’t Run. This is another certificate error and is easily fixed by opening Settings > General > Profile and Device Management  
  3. Find the Tutu Helper certificate, tap it and then tap Close Settings and try again, Tutu Helper will now work

Popular Tutu Helper :

There is plenty to choose from in Tutu Helper and two of the most popular downloads so far are:

  • Pokémon Go++


Pokémon Go is one of the most downloaded games of all times, a game that uses GPS technology and artificial intelligence to let you hunt down monsters, wherever you are. Pokémon Go++ has got all the stock features of the app plus a few extras that make the game easier to play and guarantee you a higher level of success. For starters, you don’t even need to leave home to go on the hunt and all those expensive in-app purchases that make the game better are all free. Find out what Pokémon Go++ is offering by clicking on the link.

  • AirShou

AirShou always has been and always will be a popular screen recorder app. While you could only get it by jailbreaking in the early days, now it can be downloaded without Cydia and it offers plenty of features to tempt any user. As well as Full HD Screen Recording, you get top-quality stereo sound, giving your videos that professional feel and it is simple to use. Find out more about AirShou [ext link] by clicking the link.

Tutu Helper Alternatives :

Tutu Helper isn’t the only app installer, there are plenty more to choose from and each offers a range of useful features, such as paid content for free, modified+ apps, games emulators and other Cydia tweaks. Check out the links to find out more about these installers :

Be aware that you might need more than one installer because they won’t all offer everything. However, if you use an installer other than Tutu Helper, NessTool VPN tool won’t work to protect your certificates. Instead, you will need to use a similar tool called Anti Revoke [ext link] and you can get all the details at the link.

Do tell us how you get on with Tutu Helper and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more app updates and news.

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